Washer / Dryer Repair

Your washing machine and dryer work to keep your clothes clean and save you time and expense in the process. Washing machines are complicated devices that can break down due to frequent use and many parts. Dryers deal with high heat that can accelerate problems. When either of these important appliances breaks down, residents of Lithonia, Georgia can rely on Chad’s Appliance Repair for same-day professional repairs.

Washing Machine Repairs

Washing machines are necessary parts of a modern household. You forget they are there, until they break down and the dirty clothes pile up, you are doing the wash by hand, or heading over to the laundromat.

When your washing machine starts acting up, call for professional service right away. Repair problems with washing machines are like avalanches. They accelerate and get worse as they go downhill. A little money spent on early washing machine repair will typically help you avoid more repairs and expense down the line. And, if you want the washing machine to serve you for years, fix problems early and maintain the appliance regularly. At Chad’s Appliance Repair in Lithonia, we fix all major brands of washing machines from LG, Maytag, and Kenmore to Samsung.

Common Problems with Washing Machines

When your washing machine is not working correctly, get help before the problem gets worse. Here are things to look out for.

Your Washing Machine Does Not Turn On

Make sure the appliance is plugged in, your home is getting electricity, and the circuit breaker has not flipped off. If these are OK, call our certified technicians for same-day repairs.

Your Washing Machine Does Not Spin Correctly

This happens when a lid plunger is damaged, the lid switch does to work correctly, a solenoid is burned out, you have damaged wires, the timer contact is loose, or the drive belt is broken. Let your certified technicians fix these issues on a single visit.

Vibrates Too Much

This happens when the washing machine is not level but also when the damper or snubber pads are worn out.

Call us at Chad’s of Lithonia if your washing machine is acting up.

Dryer Repair Issues

Although your clothes are getting washed OK, the dryer conks out and you need to hang up the clothes to dry, take them to the laundromat, or let them sit and get musty. The better choice is to call Chad’s Appliance Repair of Lithonia for repair by a certified technician.

What to Look for When the Dryer Has Problems

Quite a number of things can go wrong with a dryer. Thermal fuses burn out, start switches and door switches break, and drive belts wear out. And, sometimes the appliance simply will not start for any of several reasons. When a dryer part goes bad it tends to cause problems for another part. So, when we check out your dryer, we go through a series of checklists to make sure which parts need to be repaired or replaced and which ones are OK.

When your dryer breaks down, call Chad’s for prompt and professional repairs.

When Should I Replace My Washing Machine or Dryer?

Dryers usually last between 10 and 13 years and washing machines are good for ten years. Your appliances can last that long or longer with good care and maintenance. But, when either one is near its “life expectancy,” and is having repeated breakdowns, it is time to shop for a new model. Ask our certified technicians if they believe that fixing the appliance is a good idea or if you are wiser to buy something new. We will be pleased to install your new appliance and cart off the old one too.

Call Chad’s Appliance Repair when either your dryer or washing machine is acting up.