Refrigerator Repair

The refrigerator is essential for any modern home. A broken-down fridge can be terribly frustrating. Fortunately, you will not need to worry or buy a new one right away when you can rely on Chad’s Appliance Repair Service in Lithonia, Georgia.


Chad’s is a professional appliance repair service that does the job on time, very well, for an affordable price. We commit every day to fix refrigerators and other appliances so that they will serve you well for years to come. And, our technicians are certified to repair all major brands of refrigerators. Whatever, model or brand you have, we can fix it.


Signs That You Need to Repair Your Refrigerator

An obvious sign that you need to fix something is when the refrigerator leaks onto the floor or water accumulates at the bottom of the refrigerator. The first thing to check is if the water is coming from a leaking container or freezer item that is thawing out. If this is not the case, call Chad’s for repairs.

Noises are another sign that a refrigerator needs professional attention. When the normal hum is replaced by rattling or loud squeaking, call for professional help. Something is broken and will only cause more noise until the refrigerator stops working. Call Chad’s Appliance Repair for loud refrigerator noises. We will fix the issue before it gets worse.

Subtle Indications That Your Refrigerator Needs Attention

In the early stages of many refrigerator problems, you will not be tipped off by loud noises or leaking water. But, you may notice that food goes bad rather fast. When you find that you are throwing out items before their expiration dates, something is wrong with the refrigerator. It is not maintaining its temperature correctly or is allowing unnecessary moisture to build up inside.

When you get suspicious about how well your refrigerator is doing its job, call us at Chad’s Appliance Repair. We will your refrigerator from top to bottom and correct any problems. And, we will do regular maintenance as well to make sure that your refrigerator runs well for a long time.

Regular Refrigerator Maintenance Is Important

Your refrigerator takes care of you by preserving your food and drinks. It does its job better when it is regularly maintained. With regular “checkups,” your refrigerator will stay clean, not have any odors, and function smoothly for years to come. Because, when we do regular maintenance, we spot parts that are wearing out and fix or replace them before they break down and cause other parts to fail.

Call Chad’s Appliance Repair of Lithonia, GA

Even with the best maintenance and care, a refrigerator can still break down. If yours breaks down, call us at Chad’s Appliance Repair in Lithonia. Our knowledgeable service techs can help you decide if you need repairs of a new appliance. We almost always get refrigerators back in working order on the day that you call for help.

We promise competent repair services at fair prices and guarantee your satisfaction 100%. Call today if your refrigerator is acting up.