Oven Repair

Your oven and stove is a complicated appliance and many parts can fail or malfunction. But, don’t worry this happens to you. Residents of Lithonia, Georgia can call Chad’s Appliance Repair for prompt and affordable repairs by certified professional technicians. We repair all brands and models of ovens and ranges.

Do not try fixing a broken oven if you are not trained and certified in the model and brand you have. What looks like a simple job is always more complicated and DIY repairs invariably result in more problems and more expense. And, oven and stove repairs can be dangerous unless you are trained to work with electric or gas appliances and have the correct tools. Don’t expose yourself or your family to the unnecessary risk of DYI oven repairs.

Call Chad’s Appliance Repair of Lithonia, Georgia to repair any and all oven or stove problems. Our certified technicians do top-notch repairs, are very affordable, and do your repairs the same day that you call for help.

Lithonia Stove Top and Oven Repairs

When an oven starts to act up, a problem with one part leads to problems with the next. No matter what issue you have with an oven, dealing with it sooner rather than later is a good idea. Call us to check out your stovetop, range, or oven while the problem is small and inexpensive to repair. When we check out the oven, we will give you a flat-rate quote and explain what needs to be done. By fixing problems as soon as they arise, you will extend the working life of your stove for many years.

If you think you might need to call for help with an oven issue, it is useful to understand the sorts of problems that ovens have. Here are some of the signs that you need to call a professional to check out your oven.

  • The oven is not heating up
  • The oven does not reliably maintain a given temperature
  • Your cooking results are unreliable and inconsistent
  • Other oven features like temperature gauges and timers are not working or are not reliable

When these issues occur with your oven it is time to call Chad’s Appliance Repair in Lithonia. Get an immediate checkup of your oven and find out just repairs or service it needs to keep working for years to come.

Why Choose Chad’s Appliance Repair

Service the Same Day

We almost always can provide service the same day for oven and stove problems. This same-day policy applies to all home appliances where a delay would be inconvenient or costly. Our goal is always to get your appliances back into top working order ASAP.

Highly-trained Technicians

The technicians at Chad’s in Lithonia are certified to fix all major brands of appliances. And, they are EPA-certified as well for working with potentially toxic materials. Our technicians routinely go through updates and retraining for new technologies, models, and brands. In addition, we require extensive background checks before hiring any of our service technicians.

Professionalism and integrity

Our pricing is honest and our warranties cover all work and parts. We disclose each detail of a repair job, so that you need not be concerned about hidden charges or add-ons.

We Handle the Full Range of Oven Problems

Our certified technicians carry the tools and have the experience and expertise to repair any oven problem you might have.

  • The Oven is leaking gas
  • The oven temperature does not adjust correctly
  • Sparks are flying inside of or around your oven
  • The oven temperature fluctuates dangerously
  • The oven is not getting hot enough
  • Your baking results are uneven
  • The oven display or clock is broken
  • Your oven’s broiler does to work
  • The oven’s auto ignition is defective
  • Wires in the oven are shorting out
  • The drip pan needs to be replaced
  • Your oven’s self-cleaning function is not working
  • The door, hinges, or gaskets are damaged
  • The on and off switch does not always work

Call Chad’s Appliance Repair of Lithonia

When you need the best oven repair service in the Lithonia area, call Chad’s Appliance Repair. Our competent and highly trained technicians are also nice folks. You will enjoy having them work to fix your oven. They are your neighbors and friends too! Call Chad’s if your oven breaks down and get professional, same-day repairs.