Ice Maker Repair

An ice maker is a wonderful thing to have on a hot summer day. Having enough ice for several tall glasses of lemonade, iced tea, or your favorite soft drink, make the heat bearable. But, if the ice maker quits working, you need to do with lukewarm drinks or go out and buy bags of ice. An ice maker is an appliance that we often take for granted until it stops working. Luckily, for folks in Lithonia, there is a solution when the ice maker gives up on a hot summer day.

Chad’s Appliance Repair of Lithonia can fix your ice maker, or any broken appliance, on a same-day visit. Our certified technicians have the knowledge, experience, and practical knowhow to repair any brand of ice maker on a short service call. Don’t buy bags and bags of ice. And, don’t do without your ice on a hot summer day. Call Chad’s for prompt and affordable repairs. We are the highest-ranked Lithonia appliance repair service. We will check out the problem and quote you a flat fee, no surprises or “add-ons” and do the job promptly.

Because our technical team receives continuing education, they are up to date on all new models and brands as well as the newest technologies. If you have a broken-down ice maker, we can fix it.

Why Did Your Ice Maker Break Down?

There are several components that can fail and result in the same problem with your ice maker. And, one damaged part can lead to problems with another. It takes a certified professional to sort this out and make the right repairs.

With your ice maker, the filter assembly could be bad or you may have a defective ejector assembly. Otherwise, you may simply need to replace a water supply line or inlet valve for the water.

No matter what the problem is with your ice maker, we strongly advise against do-it-yourself repairs. Without the right training tools, you are more likely to break something than to fix the original problem. And, this is an electrical device, be careful. One in six electrocutions in the last decade in the USA were from home appliances!

Common Ice Maker Troubleshooting and Repair Issues

The Ice Maker Does Work at All

The ice maker control arm is designed to stop ice production once the bin is full. If it is “stuck” in the “off” position despite having an empty bin, the ice maker “thinks” that the bin is full. This is an easy task if all you need to do is reset the arm. But, when this does not work, you need to call Chad’s to check the water line, inlet valve, and filter. Any of these could be the culprit.

The Ice Maker Does Not Make Ice

All the parts of your ice maker may be functioning correctly and you still will not be getting any ice. This is usually caused by a blocked water line due to frost buildup. As this develops you will be getting fewer ice cubes and smaller and smaller ice cubes and the ice cube water will look different. Call us at Chad’s for a same-day fix.

Your Ice Maker is Leaking

If your built-in ice maker is leaking within the refrigerator or the stand-alone unit is leaking onto the floor, the first thing to do is make that that the refrigerator or ice maker is level. And, check to make certain that the funnel and filling bin are properly aligned. It these things do not resolve your problem, call Chad’s for professional help. If the level isn’t the problem, it’s time to give us a call.

Leaking water indicates a worse problem and one that will not go away. And, you don’t stop the leaking you will get mold in your refrigerator and structural damage to your floor.

When Is It Time to Replace an Ice Maker?

The longest you can expect an ice maker to keep working correctly is about five years. As with other appliances, we recommend fixing simple issues when your ice maker is only a year or two old and replacing the unit when it is having more serious problems at the five-year mark.

When your ice maker gives out, especially on a warm summer day in Georgia, call Chad’s Appliance Repair of Lithonia for fast and professional repairs.