Dishwasher Repair

Folks don’t realize that choosing a professional to fix your dishwasher saves money. Trying to fix this complicated appliance on your own in order to save money falls into the “pennywise and pound foolish” category of decisions. And buying a new dishwasher when the old one can be repaired is also foolish.

Repair your dishwasher and get more years of service. This is a lot less expensive than buying a new dishwasher every time that a part breaks down. The costs of replacement of water inlet or drain valves are small compared to a new appliance. And the repair appliance can last many more years.

So, when the dishwasher has problems, contact a competent appliance repair service. Unexpected repairs may not be in your budget, but neither as a brand new dishwasher! Repairs by a qualified repair service save you money over time.

And, who do you call in the Lithonia area? Chad’s Appliance Repair is your top choice. We are certified in the repair of all major brands and provide prompt, professional, and affordable service to our friends and neighbors in the Lithonia area.

Reasons Why You Have to Call the Dishwasher Repair Experts

If you are uncertain about when to call for help with your dishwasher, here is a brief list of reasons to contact Chad’s Appliance Repair for same-day help.

Broken Latches

When the dishwasher does not shut correctly, it might not run. And, if it does, your dishes might not get clean. Call for a visit by one of our certified technicians to fix this issue on the spot.

The Water Is Lukewarm

Dishwashers clean your dishes with hot water. Call Chad’s Appliance Repair right away if the water is not heating up correctly. This is not only a cleaning issue but can be unsanitary. You have a problem with a thermostat or heating element that needs to get fixed right away.

Dishes Are Not Clean When the Cycle Finishes

If the pump assembly is worn, the spray arm holes are blocked, or a heating element is burned out, your dishes will not get clean. Call us at Chad’s in Lithonia for prompt and efficient repairs today on all major dishwasher brands.

Your Dishwasher Hums First and Shuts Off Next

This is the story of a damaged motor that probably must be replaced. Our certified technicians will examine your dishwasher, diagnose the problem, explain it to you, and fix it quickly and efficiently. Your dishwasher should not hum and it needs to run. Rely on Chad’s for professional repairs.

Cracks in the Dishwasher Body

This is a major issue with your dishwasher. Your dishwasher has one or more serious problems that need to be addressed before it shuts down completely. Call Chad’s Appliance Repair and we will send out a certified technician to deal with the issue on the spot.

Rusting Insides of the Dishwasher

A dishwasher should never have rust inside. There has been damage to the normally rust-resistant surface. This will only get worse. You need a certified technician to track down the problem and fix it before something else goes wrong.

Water Pools in the Dishwasher on the Bottom

Something is blocked or broken if your dishwasher does not empty completely after a cycle. It can something as simple as a filter that needs to be cleaned and it can be a damaged pump or regulator. Call Chad’s for prompt and professional attention to this problem today.

Call Chad’s Appliance Repair in Lithonia, GA

Don’t leave your valuable dishwasher in the hand of an unqualified repair service. When you work with Chad’s Appliance Repair you have the services of certified technicians with years of experience. They work on all major brands and models of all appliances. To properly repair a damaged dishwasher, you need to know exactly how it should be working and all of the things that have gone wrong. Many times, a broken part leads us to find something that can be fixed now to prevent a breakdown later.

Call Chad’s for professional, affordable, and prompt service when your dishwasher breaks down.

We are the long-standing and reputable repair service for dishwashers and all appliances in the Lithonia area. When you call our certified technicians for help, you are always in good hands. Call today for dishwasher repairs in Lithonia.