Brands We Repair

At Chad’s Appliance Repair, our technicians provide high-quality appliance service for all major brands of household appliances. We offer the experience and expertise for the repair of any brands and models of ovens, stoves, cooktops, trash compactors, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, dryers, washing machines, and any other home appliance.

Here’s a snapshot of the common brands of appliances that we repair and maintain:


This electronics giant was established in South Korean more than 80 years ago. They have grown to be a trusted global supplier of top-of-the-line appliances. The brand offers a very extensive range of home appliances that include dishwashers, refrigerators, stoves, and ovens.

But even Samsung’s top-quality products break down sometimes. We have years of experience servicing Samsung products. Call us when one breaks down and we will get it running again the same day!


LG is also a South Korean manufacturer or electronics. The brand is known for its style and innovation. LG appliances are commonly seen in the best home in Lithonia. They are not only stylish but reliable as well.

Great LG appliances include stackable and double washing machines and dryers, dual ovens featuring double doors, refrigerators with windows in front, and many fantastic dishwasher models. The technicians at Chad’s Appliance repair in Lithonia are fully certified for the repair of all LG appliances.


As on the top three manufacturers of appliances, Bosch has been making attractive, durable, and functional appliances for more than 125 years! They routinely win awards for the stylish excellence of their products. And, Chad’s has complete certification in the maintenance and repair of all Bosch appliances.


GE began in New York in 1892. This grand old company makes everything from nuclear power plants, and jet aircraft engines, to home appliances. Their technical skills are applied across the board in all of their product divisions. They make appliances that work, are useful in the home, and that last. Many of the cutting-edge features GE developed over the years became standard throughout the industry. Many GE appliances seem to last forever! But, if one of your GE appliances breaks down, Chad’s Appliance Repair has the skill, expertise, and certifications to fix it fast.


Frigidaire is what people called every refrigerator for generations. They are still a popular appliance brand that manufactures modern laundry and kitchen appliances plus useful accessories. Their top-notch appliances can break down despite the brand’s record of reliability. When that happens, Brad’s Appliance Repair is there to help get it up and running the same day.


Viking is a Middleby Corporation subsidiary. Middleby makes more appliances for commercial kitchens than any other appliance maker. Viking appliances benefit from the high level of technology and durability built into all Middleby products. When you have a Viking kitchen appliance you have a commercial-grade product that will do its job and last. They make cooktops, ranges, ovens, dishwashers, and air conditioning systems. Chad’s is certified to care for all Viking appliances.


Maytag is synonymous with home appliance quality and durability. It is now owned by Whirlpool but retains its standards of excellence for home appliances. Its durable and attractive kitchen appliances as well, as those for the laundry, come at very affordable prices. You will see Maytag appliances in many Lithonia homes.

We maintain the certification and expertise to fix any issues with Maytag appliances. If one of yours breaks down, call us at Chad’s Appliance Repair for same-day repairs.


The Kenmore brand has been around for more than 100 years. They have top-notch home appliances. Kenmore appliances are reliable, perform well, and are efficient. The unique and innovative features stand out in any home. We service all Kenmore appliances and maintain our certification with routine updates.

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Chad’s Appliance Repair can help you with any home appliance problem. We are certified for repairs and servicing of all major appliance brands. When your appliance breaks down, call immediately for prompt, affordable, and top-notch service the same day.